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Undergrounds of Metro Politechnika  /Warsaw
[Fujifilm X100S]

When do we know it’s love?

I just read that question and now my heart feels bad about it. I mean, when do we know it? What does us make feeling sure about it? What do we even know about it? Can we ever understand love? 

Hell no. We never do understand and we never know when and how love does happen. I guess love does not even understand itself. The ones we should love, we don’t and the ones we shouldn’t love, we do. No matter how smart we are, we’re extremely stupid while being in love. We trust blindly, we care more for the other person than for ourselves.

And the worst thing is, we don’t even know when it starts. We always realize the end of a love, clearly, strictly, finally, but the beginning is always under this kind of magic veil that blurs the corners and edges of reality and we just fall into each others arms to protect us from losing our minds. Maybe that’s everything we will ever know about it. That moment we’re right in the arms of the beloved should be a good moment to know that it’s love. And hopefully this feeling stays for both. 




Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan | Italy (by Funchye)
Edited photo by Excelsior Praeteritum


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